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The Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Exercise 37. Read and say that you (your friend) have/has been doing it, too

Model: - I have been writing a letter for half an hour.

- My sister has been writing a letter for half an hour, too.

1. William has been reading the book since last week.

2. The children have been writing a test since 10 o’clock.

3. Jane and Bill have been skating all the morning.

4. Alan has been learning to drive a car for a month.

5. Mary has been talking on the telephone for a quarter of an hour.

6. Lucy has been watching an interesting programme on TV for an hour.

7. Steve has been working in the garage since he came home.

8. I have been roasting meat for half an hour.

9. The tourists have been staying in the camp since the rain began.

10. Betty has been playing tennis since the morning.

Exercise 38. Say that you have been doing something else.

Model: - So you’ve been collecting coins since you left the University. (stamps)

- No, I’ve been collecting stamps since I left the University.

1. So you’ve been playing the piano since 1980. (violin)

2. So you’ve been painting the inside of the house since Monday. (outside)

3. So you’ve been singing in musicals since you were 18? (operas)

4. So you’ve been teaching English for several years. (learn)

5. So you’ve been playing squash this morning? (tennis)

6. So you’ve been reading a newspaper article for three hours? (write)

7. So you’ve been cooking first the whole morning. (meat)

8. So you’ve been reading for your exam in mathematics those three days. (English literature)

9. So you’ve been spending a lot of time watching birds. (animals)

10. So you’ve been practicing yoga since January. (learn Chinese)

Exercise 39. Ask if the action has been taken place for a long time.

Model: - Lena is sleeping

- Has she been sleeping long?

- Yes, for three hours. (No, for 15 minutes)

1. The actors are rehearsing a new play.

2. Mother is cooking dinner.

3. The children are skating on the pond.

4. Your sister is waiting for you.

5. The secretary is typing letters.

6. John is riding a bicycle.

7. Alice is taking her exam.

8. Mr. Brown is looking for a job.

9. Nell is knitting a scarf.

10. The baby is crying.

Exercise 40. Ask how long the action has been taking place.

Model: - Peter has repaired a car.

- How long has he been repairing it?

- For three days.

1. I have cooked dinner.

2. We have prepared a concert.

3. David has written an essay.

4. Jane has made a new dress.

5. Mary has saved a big sum of money.

6. Kate and Victor have done their homework.

7. Paul has drawn a portrait of his mother.

8. Richard has painted the outside of the house.

9. Mother has washed the bedclothes.

10. We have papered the walls of the dining-room.

Exercise 41. Ask who exactly has been doing it.

Model: - He’s been travelling much?

- Who’s been travelling much?

- Chris has.

1. He has been working with this company since 1990.

2. She has been teaching English to foreign students since she left the college.

3. She has been working hard all the week.

4. He has been staying in bed for a week.

5. He has been swimming since he came to the river.

6. She has been making a cake the whole morning.

7. They have been waiting in the hay since the rain stopped.

8. They have been having a rest since they returned from the expedition.

9. They have been walking in the rain without an umbrella.

10. She has been driving for years and has never had an accident.

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