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The Past Perfect Tense

Exercise 42. Say that you (your friend, somebody else) had done something else by that time.

Model: - Mary had decorated the fir-tree by 6 o’clock.

- Jane had cleaned the room by that time.

1. John had translated the article by 3 o’clock.

2. Helen had passed her exam by 3 o’clock.

3. Jane had learned the poem by 4 o’clock.

4. We had got home before it began to rain.

5. David had finished his homework before mother switched on the TV.

6. I had translated the article before mother came home.

7. The children had made a fire before the sun set.

8. We had had our dinner when the telephone rang.

9. Mother had cooked dinner before the children returned from the Zoo.

10. Peter had studied English before he entered the Institute.

Exercise 43. Read and say that you (your friend) were (was) happy (sad, disappointed, ashamed) that somebody had done something.

Model: - Mary entered the University.

- Mary’s friends were happy that she had entered the University.

1. Sam lost his way.

2. Robert told a lie.

3. My brother missed the train.

4. Ann got a poor mark in English.

5. Our football team won the game.

6. David broke his bicycle.

7. Peter failed in mathematics.

8. Mike went out without a hat and caught a cold.

9. My nephew made an excursion to Chernihiv.

10. The boy broke the window with his ball.

Exercise 44. Ask your friend if he (she, somebody else) had done it before.

Model: - Michael went to Kyiv to take part in the chess championship.

- Had he taken part in the chess championship before?

- Yes, he had. (No, he hadn’t)

1. Mr. Dickens wrote a very interesting book about domestic animals.

2. Fred appeared on television yesterday.

3. I saw “Hamlet” in the Drama Theatre.

4. My friends went on a walking tour last week.

5. My aunt had a rest at a sanatorium last August.

6. They went on an expedition to the North Pole.

7. My friend visited Great Britain last summer.

8. Ted and Barbara quarreled yesterday.

9. Roger visited a puppet show last night.

10. Helen borrowed some money from Alice.

Exercise 45. Answer the following questions as in the model. Use the suggested words.

Model: - When did Peter come? (to have breakfast)

a). – He came when we were having breakfast.

b). – He came when (after) we had had breakfast.

1. When did you meet Robert?

2. When did you tell mother about it? (to cook dinner)

3. When did the children return? (to have supper)

4. When did you notice this man? (to cross the bridge)

5. When did you lose your bag? (to get out of the bus)

6. When did Olga ring you up? (to do the rooms)

7. When did your parents return? (to go to bed)

8. When did Ann go for a walk? (to begin to rain)

9. When did Peter ring you up? (to have tea)

10. When did it begin to rain? (to leave)

Exercise 46. Speak on the following situations.

1. Say what the member of your family had done before your mother came.

2. Say what you had done yesterday by 6 o’clock.

3. Your friend had guests yesterday. Ask him what the members of the family had done before the guests came.

4. You planned to do a lot of things last Monday. Say what you had done and what you hadn’t done by the time you went to bed.

5. Tell your mother about the doctor’s visit when she was away.

6. Tell your mother about the telephone talk you had with your father when she was in the kitchen.

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