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Pre-text exercise 1.These words you should know.

to adopt - принимать

Pre-text exercise 2.These notions you should learn by heart.

traffic flow – транспортный поток RHD - правостороннее движение

LHD - левостороннее движение транспорта; "руль с левой стороны" ( знак; устанавливается на автомашинах, имеющих руль с левой стороны)


Driving in Different Countries

All the states have adopted one of two standards for traffic flows: traffic flows either on the left- or right-side of the road. Countries are said to have left-hand traffic (LHT) or right-hand traffic (RHT). Vehicles are manufactured in left-hand drive (LHD) and right-hand drive (RHD) configuration, depending on the placement of the driving seat and controls within the vehicle. Typically, the placement of the steering wheel is opposite to the rule of the road: LHT countries use RHD, and RHT countries use LHD vehicles. However, there are countries that drive on the left but use mostly LHD vehicles (some Caribbean islands) or that drive on the right but use mostly RHD vehicles. Many countries permit both types of vehicles on their roads.

ANSWER THE QUESTIONS: 1. RHT countries use RHD vehicles, doesn’t they? 2. Why are RHD vehicles so dangerous on our roads? Prove your opinion. 3. Choose what countries are LHT and RHT: Argentina, Egypt, Brazil, Australia, the Bahamas, Belarus, Korea, Turkey, Hong Kong, India, Bulgaria, Mexico, the Netherlands, Japan, Russia, the Saudi Arabia, China, Malta, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Taiwan, Ukraine

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