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I. Коммуникативные задания



- Good morning, gentlemen. Before we get down to business let me introduce my colleague. This is Mr. Burov, our Marketing and Sales Manager.

- Nice to meet you, Mr. Burov. I am responsible for Overseas Sales. My name is Nick Willowson. You can call me Nick.

- Nice to meet you, Nick. Is this your first visit to Russia?

- No, I’ve been to Russia twice, but have never been to your city.

- How do you like it?

- I haven’t seen much of it, so far. It’s much bigger than the town we are based in. The headquarters of our company is in a small town called Vermont. Though, the company itself is rather big. You know, we began to operate internationally 9 years ago.

- In what countries do you work?

- Italy, Bulgaria, Poland and Ukraine. We hope, Russia will be the 5th foreign partner of ours.

- So we do. Let’s get started.


1. Make sure you know all words and word combinations. If not, write them down with their Russian equivalents.

2. Practice reading the dialogue in pairs.

3. Act out the conversation as close to the text as possible.

4. Work out your own scenario of the first meeting between business partners. Write it down in your exercise books.

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