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- We have come to terms about the price of the contract. Now, let’s discuss delivery dates.

- I think we can deliver within 45 days of signing the contract.

- Is it the best delivery date you can meet? FrostFood promised us to deliver at the end of this month on condition we buy from them.

- Don’t they offer higher prices? As a result, they have fewer customers and can meet better delivery dates. Anyway, the choice is yours.

- Let’s stipulate in the contract it’s an urgent order. Could you deliver within a month, then?

- We think it might be possible if you make an advanced payment not later than next Thursday. One of our ships leaves on Monday, and it goes via St. Petersburg.

- The time is not enough to issue a letter of credit.

- Why don’t you pay by bank transfer? It will take 24 hours.

- That’s right, but it will increase our costs.

- You will save time, and time is money.


1. Translate the dialogue into Russian.

2. Practice reading the dialogue aloud in pairs. Change roles.

3. Write out essential vocabulary related to terms of payment and delivery terms.

4. Make up your own sentences with these words and expressions.

II. Тексты для чтения и перевода

Text 1

I. Before reading the text about Philips, decide whether you think these statements are true or false.

1. It is the world’s second biggest electronics company.

2. It has produced over 100 million TV sets.

3. Its headquarters are in Amsterdam.

4. It was the first company to produce compact discs.

5. It is active in a small number of specialized businesses.

6. It provides the lights for famous landmarks such as London’s Tower Bridge.

II. Read the text and check your answers.


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