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X. Соедините два слова, чтобы образовать словосочетание

1. drilling 2. drill 3. rotary 4. piston 5. swivel a) bit b) mud c) joint d) pump e) drilling.

XI. Найдите синонимы

1. well 2. to force 3. to remove 4. characteristic 5. equipment a) to make b) to take away c) hole d) tool e) features.

XII. Найдите антонимы

1. multiple 2. surface 3. increase 4. heating 5. natural a) subsurface b) cooling c) decrease d) artificial e) single.


1. What are the major exploration methods?

2. What methods of drilling are mostly used in Russia and the USA?

3. What is first operation in the well completion?

4. When did petroleum refining begin?

5. What are the main components of crude oil?

6. What is the primary refinery process?

7. What are the petroleum refining methods?

8. What does the refinery consist of?

9. What kinds plants do you know?

10. What methods of transportation of crude oil are there?


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