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I. Найдите в тексте предложения, являющиеся эквивалентами русских.


1. Так как солнце садится на западе, египтяне верили , что западная часть пустыни была входом в подземный мир, где обитали умершие, и через который солнце проходило ночью.

2. Чужеземцы лежали под его ногами в преклонении, символизируя триумф фараона над силами хаоса.

3. Египтяне носили драгоценности и амулеты не только как украшения, но и потому, что они верили, что эти предметы защищают их от вреда.

4. Это были места преобразования, которые позволяли фараону перейти в новую стадию жизни.

5. Захоронение обычно состояло из серии коридоров, проходов и комнат, которые сходились в зале погребения.

II. Заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу словами, приведёнными ниже:

the Valley of the Kings \ died \ spirits \ sites \ Egypt \ statues \ settlements \ function \ the Nile Valley \ the east

1. The ……of most ancient Egyptian …… was to provide a physical place where a god or spirit could appear.

2. But the Egyptians had in mind another audience for their art: the gods and, for the art in tombs, the ……of people who had……

3. Because many cities, towns, and villages in …… today occupy the ……of ancient palaces and surrounding……, these buildings disappeared over the years as new buildings went up.

4. The complex begins at …, with a temple on a harbor at the edge of the cultivated land in………

5. …………. is a rocky desert area with high cliffs.

III. Закончите предложения, используя предлагаемые варианты.

1. Temples were

a) decorated with paintings b) filled with statues of gods and kings c) burnt in fire

2. Most Egyptians never saw the art that is now displayed in museums, because

a) they died in temples, tombs, and palaces.

b) only kings and members of the ruling elite were allowed to enter temples, tombs, and palaces.

c) they were protected against harm

3. The kings lived in the palaces, where they

a) built royal tombs b) kept there a rocky desert area with high cliffs c) performed governmental and religious duties

4. In Egyptian thought, foreign lands and their inhabitants

a) could simultaneously be present in all the statues b) represented the forces of chaos c) had a special association with a particular god.

5. The royal tombs and pyramids of ancient Egypt were elaborated

a) as structures for important religious purposes b) to let the sun travel from west to east at night

c) houses for the gods, where the gods could appear on earth.

6. The best-known pyramids were built on

a) the Khafre plateau b) the Giza plateau c) the Khufu plateau.


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