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— You’re a famous music star now. What were you doing when you were 17?

— I was finishing school and also working in a clothes shop and a bar to get some money.

— When did you first become interested in music?

— My dad was a jazz musician. As a child, I sang a lot, played the piano and saxophone. I often played the piano with my dad. I started writing songs when I was a little girl too.

— Why did you leave home when you were sixteen?

— I wanted to be independent. My parents had planned my future for me but I wanted to go my own way.

— What was your biggest problem when you were a teenager?

— I kept thinking about my career. I wanted to do music so I worked very hard, meeting new musicians and waiting for the right thing to happen.

— What do you like? Have you got any hobbies?

— In my free time I like to read. I also enjoy cooking but I don’t cook often because I don’t spend much time at home. When I was younger, I liked to play the guitar but I was not very good at it.

— Do you have any advice for readers who want to make a career in the music business?

— I really don’t have an answer. It will happen if it’s right for you. I can’t say step one — you do this, and step two — you do that.


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British parents say that their children are under stress because they have too much homework. Philip Pullman, a famous children’s writer, agrees with parents that there are too many tests. Pullman says: “I want to change the way the young people learn at school nowadays because it’s no fun.” He was a teacher before he became a writer and he explains:

“School pupils don’t have the time to enjoy reading books and they learn to say the right things to get school marks instead of saying what they really think. In Britain young people take about 87 exams during their school life. They take national exams at the ages of 7, 11, 14, 16, 17 and 18. Some young people are leaving school early not to take exams and not to have so much stress. Others stop doing hobbies such as sport, music, reading, dancing or singing because they have so much schoolwork to do. But do lots of tests help pupils to learn more? No! Scientists say that when students have more tests, they don’t work as hard and they get worse marks.”

Some British schools are trying to make school life less stressful for pupils. For example, teachers at a school in Birmingham want pupils to eat bananas in class while listening to classical music. Another school in Liverpool has a special quiet room where pupils can go when they feel stressed. In this room they smell lavender and talk about their problems.


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