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Exercise 5. Complete the sentences with words from the box

regarding according to concerns apart from in connection with/concerning

1. _________ being too expensive, this model is also not new.

2. There are a few problems ____________ the quality of


3. I’d like to mention some critical points ____________

performance capabilities.

4. Let’s now turn to the next question which ___________

monitoring and control.

5. _____ the handbook, the equipment consumes less fuel.


Exercise 6. Match the two parts to make sentences used to describe visuals.

1. On the next slide

2. My next slide shows

3. As you can see 

4. Let me show you some 

5. To illustrate this I’ll 

6. Let’s now have a closer look 

7. Here we can see how many 

8. I have a slide 


a. from this picture, the design is completely new.

b. countries are involved in the project.

c. how much the design has changed.

d. show you the results of the latest research.

e. at the figures on the next slide.

f. which shows the development of the product design through the years.

g. interesting details.

h. you will see a photo of the multi-projector.


Exercise 7. Put the words in the right order to make expressions which can be used in the main part of a presentation.

1. Let’s / point…/ move on / the next / now to


2. My aim is / about / developments… / the latest / to inform you


3. As I mentioned / give / I’ll / a brief overview… / you / earlier


4. Moreover, / should / there are / interesting facts / we / other / take a look at.


5. In addition to / that…/ I’d like / this, / to say


6. With / regard to / need / project design, / more details. / we


7. As / see / you / on the slide… / can


Exercise 8. Complete the paragraph with the following words:

in addition second also however whereas  first

The purpose of this research was to find out what students aged 14-18 use their mobile phones. It ______ aimed to find out what kind of phones they use. _____ it asked how many hours they spend on the phone, and _____  if there is any difference between boys and girls in how they use their phones.

We found that girls prefer to use their phones to chat with friends, _____ boys prefer to send messages. _____ more girls than boys keep in touch with their parents by texting.


Exercise 9. Write the number of each phrase used in presentation under the correct heading.

  1. Thank you for listening.
  2. Let’s move on to …
  3. Are there any questions?
  4. This diagram shows …
  5. So, in conclusion …
  6. As you can see …
  7. My next point is …
  8. If you look at the next slide …


Connecting the points __________

Referring to AV aids ___________




Presentation Delivery: Conclusion

Read and discuss

Do not forget that last impressions are just as important as first impressions. Your conclusion is the place to make sure that you have planted the key ideas of your talk in your listeners’ minds. Do not miss the opportunity!

Here are some strategies of effective conclusions:

ü Summarize the main points;

ü Quote a famous person;

ü Ask a provocative question or make a surprising statement;

ü Use the “sandwich” technique, which means your introduction and conclusion are connected (like two slices of bread in a sandwich) and the main part is like the cheese in between.

You should have a connection between the beginning and the end of your talk. If, for example, you start telling a joke in the introduction, stop at an exciting moment and move on to the main part. Then finish the joke in the conclusion.

  As a general rule in communication, repetition is valuable. In presentations, there is a golden rule about repetition:

  1. say what you are going to say... (introduction)
  2. say it...(development)
  3. then say what you have just said. (conclusion)

In other words, use the three parts of your presentation to reinforce your message. In the introduction, you tell your audience what your message is going to be. In the body, you tell your audience your real message. In the conclusion, you summarize what your message was:

ü Briefly summarize your main points.

ü Answer any questions.

ü Thank the audience for listening.

ü Look at the audience again, smile and slow down.

The end should be on a strong or positive note – not tailing away to “..well that's all I've got to say so thank you very much for listening ladies and gentlemen”. You could try something along these lines:

ü “Hang-gliding (дельтапланеризм) is brilliant, so try it – you'll believe a man can fly!”

ü “The danger is increasing – if we don't all act soon it could be too late!


Check your knowledge

Exercise 1. Complete the following sentences with the best preposition from the box.

into  for  as  with  for in of up through/over  by   in

Model: I would like to conclude by thanking you all.

1. So, to sum __________, I have presented three solutions.

2. Let's put the plan ________practice.

3. ______ conclusion I would like to say that.......

4. Please feel free to get ______ touch______me.

5. At this stage I would like to run ________the main points...

6. I would like to finish _____ reminding everyone that......

7. Thank you _____ listening.


Exercise 2. Match the parts of a phrase or sentence:

1. I think this proves the point that

2. First, I outlined the old system;

3. Finally, I'd like to

4. I recommend the third option.

5. If you need to get in touch with me,

6. That sums up my description

7. There's just time


a. of the new design.

b. for a few quick questions.

c. then, I explained the advantages of the new system.

d. the experiment was conducted correctly.

e. There are two main reasons for this.

f. my email address is on the screen.

g. thank you all for listening this afternoon.


Exercise 3. Complete the following concluding paragraph with appropriate words from the box.

recommend     then sum up with just decide attention next solutions third thank time

So, to 1_________, I explained the problem 2__________the existing system and 3___________ presented three possible 4_____________. The first solution requires new equipment, the 5___________solution needs more research and the 6___________solution needs a complete change of strategy. We now need to 7____________which solution we will select. I 8 ____________ the third solution because it will be more efficient in the long run. Finally, I'd like to 9__________you for 10___________this afternoon. 11___________is nearly up, so we 12__________have a few minutes for questions.


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