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I         am (not) We                  Am I?          We?

He                        You are (not)         he? Are You?

She    is (not)   They               Is  she?       They?

It                                                                it?

Exercise 1. Give the information about yourself and your friend.

       I am a student   He is a student


a first-year student

angry with

He is            present at the lesson

                    ready for the lesson

I am             proud of the Motherland

                    on duty


                    on leave

                    afraid of exams


Exercise 2. Get information about your friend.


Are you a student? – Yes, I am

Is he a teacher? – No, he is not


a first-year student?

a second-year student?

from Moscow?

Is he            present at the seminar?

at the English lesson?

Are you       on leave?

in time at the University?

all right?

proud of the Motherland?



The Past Simple tense - прошедшее простое время

Утвердительная и

 отрицательная формы.                  Вопросительная форма.

I             We                           I?                        we?

He was     You were    Was he?        Were     you?

She wasn’t They weren’t           she?                         they?

It                                                 it

Exercise 1. Tell the group what you did yesterday, last week, last month, some minutes ago, etc.

I was ill yesterday.

Use: on sick list, at the English lesson, on leave, at home, absent, present, late, tired, mistaken.

Exercise2. Get information about your friend.

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