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Learn the following words.


a group register - журнал

to look through - просматривать

to explain rules - объяснять правила

to make mistakes - делать ошибки

to get marks in - получать оценки по …

to give marks for … - ставить оценки за что-либо

to retell - пересказывать

to put on the ear-phones - надевать наушники

to listen to – cлушать что-л.

to make up - составлять

to work hard at – усердно работать над…

to take/to pass a credit –сдавать/ сдать зачет

to switch on/off - включать/выключать

to be through with – закончить (делать что-либо)


Exercise 1. Read and translate the word combinations.


to look through, to look through the register, to look through the text. The teacher is looking through the group register.

to be through with, to be through with a dictation, to be through with an exercise. When we are through with our tests, we give them to our teacher.

to make up, to make up plan, to make up one’s mind. They are making up the dialogue. We made up our minds to become economists.

to get/give marks, to get marks in English, to give mark for an excellent answer. We get good and excellent marks in English. The teacher gives us marks for the test.

to work hard, to work hard at the language. We work hard at our English.

to take/pass a credit, to take an exam in English, to pass a credit in history. This term we are taking a credit in English.

Exercise2. Get to know if your friend is doing something.


Are you reading now? –Yes, I am.

                                  - No, I am not.


Use: Look through, read, translate, retell, make up, ask, answer, do, write, explain, listen to.


Exercise 3.Ask your friends what they are doing. Use the verbs above.


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