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I’ll be on duty tomorrow.

1 My friend … on duty tomorrow.

2.We… economists in some years.

3.They …. on leave in summer.

4. He … busy on Monday.

5. I …. present at the next English lesson because… on duty.

6. They …. at the party in the evening.

7.We ….economists next year yet.

8. My friends ….lawyers in 5 years.

9 .Nick… present at the next English lesson because he…on business.

10. The students … ready for the lesson.


Exercise 2Get information about your friend's plans:

Will you be on duty tomorrow? - Yes, I will / I shall.

- No, I won’t/ I shan’t.


an economist next year?

a lawyer in 5 years?

on business tomorrow?

Will you be on leave next month?

at home on Sunday?

at our next English lesson? 

present at the seminar?

in time at the University tomorrow?

ready for the credit next term?   

Exercise 3.Get to know your friends. Use:


1. Are you a student?

2. Are your friends students?

3. Are you glad to be a student?

4. Are you all right now? How are you?

5. Why were you late for the previous lesson?

6. Were you ready for your English lesson yesterday?

7. Were you on sick-list last week?

8. What are you proud of? Are you proud of your future profession?

9. Where were you yesterday?

10. Were you afraid of dogs when you were a child?

11. Were you absent at the previous English lesson?

12. Will your friends be economists in some years?

13. Will you be on leave at the weekend?


Exercise 4.Translate the following sentences intoEnglish.


1.Она всегда опаздывает на работу. 2. Он гордился своей семьей. 3. Эти вопросы – трудные. 4. Эта статья – очень интересная. 5. Я уверена, вы не правы. 6. Она часто болеет. 7. Дети боялись ее. 8. Сколько лет ее брату? 9. Как их зовут? 10. Откуда их отец родом? 11. Почему она сердится на нас? 12. Тот вопрос был очень важным для нее. 13. Они будут вовремя? 14. Кто они по профессии? 15. Они были в отпуске в прошлом месяце. 16. Мы были готовы вовремя.


Exercise 5. Fill the missing.


1. They ……….. here last year.

2. They ………...busy tomorrow.

3. She ………….at work yesterday.

4. We ………….not sure of it.

5. ………………he right?

6. She ………….ill a week ago.

7. How old ……they?

8. Where ……. she born?

9. Why ……….you so angry with me?

10. This dog …… very funny.

11. The film ……boring.


Модальные глаголы.

 can                 могу, умею (физическая, умственная возможность)

 cannot       не могу, не умею


 may               мочь (иметь разрешение)

вероятно, может быть (предположение)

may not     нельзя


must           должен, нужно, надо

must not     нельзя


Exercise 4. Ask the permission:

May I open the door?


- enter the classroom

- take my place

- take the book

- go to the blackboard

- listen to the tape again

- help the friend.


Exercise 5.Suggest your help to the friend:

Can (could) I help you with your work?


- reading the text

- translating the text into Russian

- doing the homework

- preparing the report


Exercise 6.Remind your friend to:

You must work hard.


- do the homework every day

 - learn the new words

 - help your friend

 - read the newspapers regularly

 - translate the text for the next lesson

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