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What are you doing? – I am reading.


Exercise 4.Read and translate the words. Mind the suffixes.


a) –er, -or

to teach – teacher; to report – reporter; to record – recorder; to translate – translator; to speak – speaker; to learn – learner; to lead – leader, to command – commander; to correct – corrector; lecture – lecturer.

b) –ation

to dictate-dictation; to translate – translation; to correct – correction; to inform – information; to combine – combination; attentive – attention.

c) ence/ent

presence – present; absence – absent.

Exercise 5. Translate the following compound nouns.


A first-year student, ear-phone, tape-recorder, notebook, blackboard, classroom, exercise-book, sick-list, serviceman.

Exercise 6. Make sure you know the following word-combinations.


To look through the group register, to retell the text, to make up the dialogue, to answer teacher’s questions, to correct mistakes, to do grammar exercises, to write test papers, to collect exercise-books, to work hard, to switch on the tape-recorders, to take a credit.


Exercise 7. Make up sentences.


The students         is looking through             dialogue

We                        are making up          the group register

The teacher           are doing                  our exercise-books

He                        is retelling                grammar exercises

Student-on           is collecting              our mistakes

Duty                     is correcting                       the text

                             is giving                   marks for the test

Exercise 8. Read the text.


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