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II. Множественное число существительных


Singular                                    Plural

                             a student                                    students

                             a box                                          boxes

1. f (fe)        ves

A shelf – shelves  полка - полки

A wife – wives     жена - жены


A chief – chiefs     начальник - начальники

A roof – roofs      крыша – крыши


2. y        i + es

A city – cities       город - города


A day – days        день - дни

A boy – boys       мальчик – мальчики


3. Remember!

 A man - men       человек/мужчина - люди/мужчины

A woman – women женщина - женщины

A child – children ребенок - дети

A tooth – teeth     зуб - зубы

A foot – feet      нога - ноги

A mouse – mice             мышь – мыши


Exercise 4. Write the plural.


Watch, knife, problem, train, man, boy, child, country, hero, shelf, bus, student, woman.


Exercise 5. Underline the nouns in plural


1. Many students of our University live in the country. 2. They study many subjects. 3. These students study English at the University. 4. I want to ask you some questions. 5. We like these films. 6. My brother has two children, a girl and a boy, the boy is two years and he has ten teeth already. 7. Women in our country have equal rights with men. 8. The tourists did not hurt their feet while they were climbing the mountain. 9. There were many men at the stadium as they were watching hockey game. 10. Her advice is always very useful. 11. His information was false. 12. The news is heard on the radio at seven o’clock. 13. His knowledge in French is poor. 14. What is the news? The news is very interesting. 15. There is a good means of learning English words.

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