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Learn the following words.


to be … years old - быть …лет

to be married - быть женатым

to be single - быть холостым

to be experienced – быть опытным

to graduate from - заканчивать (учебное заведение)

to spend (spent) - проводить (время); тратить (деньги).

to become (became, become) – стать, становиться.

to study by correspondence – учиться заочно

to repair – ремонтировать

hard-working – трудолюбивый

to take care - заботиться

parents -родители

son - сын

daughter - дочь

husband - муж

wife - жена

niece - племянница

nephew - племянник

aunt - тетя

uncle - дядя

cousin - двоюродный брат, сестра (кузен, кузина)

mother-in-law - теща, свекровь

father-in-law - тесть, свекр

grandparents - бабушка и дедушка


Exercise 1. Read and translate the words.


to be married: to get married, to be single, not to be married yet, to get married some years ago, marriage. My friend is married and I am single. They got married last year.

to graduate from: graduate, undergraduate, post-graduate, to graduate from the University. My father graduated from the University when he was 22.

to experience: experience, experienced, to become an experienced worker. My father is a very experienced computer programmer.

to spend (spent): to spend time, to spend money, to spend one’s childhood. He spends his free time with his family.

to study: to study well, to study by correspondence, to study for exam. My sister studies by correspondence at Teacher’s University.

to view: to view the matter, view, point of view, different views. They have different views on films.


Exercise 2. Make up sentences with the following verbs.


Study, know, go, read, work, write, spend, have, repair, want, meet, keep, take.

Do you live in Moscow?               Does he live in Moscow?

Yes, I do.                                     - Yes, he does.

No, I don’t.                                  – No, he doesn’t.



Exercise 3. Ask your friend who he has got ( brother, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, grandmother …)

Have you got a sister ?     Yes, I have.

       No, I haven’t.


Exercise 4. Ask your friend how many (sisters, brothers, aunts, grandfathers …) he has.

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