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Basic functions of management

Management operates through various functions, often classified as planning, organizing, leading/motivating and controlling.

  • Planning: deciding what needs to happen in the future (today, next week, next month, next year, over the next 5 years, etc.) and generating plans for action.(What to do?)
  • Organizing: (Implementation) making optimum use of the resources required to enable the successful carrying out of plans.
  • Staffing: Job Analyzing, recruitment, and hiring individual for appropriate job.
  • Leading/Motivating: exhibiting skills in these areas for getting others to play an effective part in achieving plans.(To make individual work willingly in the organization)
  • Controlling: monitoring -- checking progress against plans, which may need modification based on feedback.


accomplish Совершать, достигать, совершенствовать
goal Цель, задача
encompass Окружать, заключать
perform Исполнять, выполнять
measuring Измеряя
quantity Количество
narrow Узкий, тесный, подробный
existence Существование, наличие, существо
charity Милосердие, благотворительность
refer Направлять, обращаться
employ Служба, работа по найму, нанимать
corporation Корпорация, акционерное общество
various Различный, разный
optimum Наиболее благоприятные условия
recruitment Набор, пополнение
staffing Укомплектовывать штаты
skill Искусство, мастерство
feedback Обратная связь


1. What is management?

2. What does management comprise?

3. What does resourcing encompass?

4. Where does the word “management” come from?

5. How did Mary Parker Follett define management?

6. What functions does management consist of according to Frenchman Henri Fayol?

7. What does the phrase "management is what managers do" mean?

8. Can the term “management” be used as equivalent to "business administration"?

9. How does management operate?

10. What is planning? (Dwell on this item.)

11. What is organizing? (Dwell on this item.)

12. What is staffing? (Dwell on this item.)

13. What is leading/motivating? (Dwell on this item.)

14. What is controlling? (Dwell on this item.)

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