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Задание 1. Выучите следующие слова и словосочетания. Повторяйте их за диктором.

  1. toothache зубная боль
  2. disturbance нарушение, расстройство
  3. to make an appointment записываться на прием
  4. reception (area, room) регистратура
  5. receptionist администратор
  6. complaint жалоба
  7. to complain of жаловаться на …
  8. to suffer from страдать, испытывать


  1. allergy аллергия
  2. heart disease заболевание сердца
  3. diabetes диабет
  4. to examine осматривать
  5. surrounding tissues ткани, окружающие зуб
  6. to check проверять
  7. check-up осмотр, проверка
  8. bite прикус
  9. X-ray examination рентген
  10. restoration восстановление,


  1. suitable подходящий
  2. therapeutist терапевт
  3. to put a filling пломбировать
  4. inlay вкладка
  5. gum десна
  6. to correct malocclusion исправлять прикус
  7. surgeon хирург
  8. to extract tooth удалять зуб
  9. orthopedist ортопед
  10. crown коронка
  11. bridge мост
  12. prosthesis протез
  13. to cause pain вызывать боль

32. discomfort неприятное ощущение, дискомфорт

  1. local anesthesia местная анестезия
  2. to reduce устранять
  3. twice a year дважды в год

Задание 2. Прослушайте текст. Постарайтесь понять его содержание.


When you have a toothache or some mouth disturbance, you go to a dentist.

A patient can make an appointment with the doctor at the reception himself or over the telephone. The reception area at a dental clinic is very nice and the atmosphere of this room is warm and welcoming.

When a patient comes to the dentist for the first time, the doctor asks him some questions about his present complaints, his dental history and his health in general. He must know if the patient suffers from any kind of allergy, heart diseases, diabetes and so on. Then doctor examines his teeth and surrounding tissues, checks his bite. If it is necessary, the doctor directs the patient for X-ray examination, or to other specialist. Then the doctor must decide what type of treatment or restoration is the most suitable for the case.

Dental therapeutist puts fillings, inlays and treats gum diseases. He also corrects malocclusion. If the tooth is too bad, the dental surgeon extracts it. The dental orthopedist makes crowns, bridges and prosthesis.

We know that dental treatment can cause pain and discomfort. That's why local anesthesia is used to reduce these unpleasant sensations.

We must take care of our teeth and undergo regular check-ups twice a year.

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