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Answer the following questions. 1. What does basic food safety training in Australia include?

1. What does basic food safety training in Australia include?

2. Who can be liable for heavy fines in Australia?

3. Are the regulations in China well known by the trade?

4. What can help to avoid the problem of direct linkages between farmer groups and traders?

5. Who informs the EU parliament on food safety matters?

6. May individual member states also have other legislation and controls in respect of food safety?

7. Can food be manufactured and sold within Germany without a special permission?

8. Who is responsible for the food s/he passes into circulation?

9. How many laws are there in Pakistan that specifically deal with food safety?

10. Whose system of food safety is one of the best in the world?

Find English equivalents to the given Russian terms.

1. заражение с/х вредителями 1. confidence in food
2. основные покупатели 2. relevant package
3. уверенность в еде 3. to suit the needs
4. химические добавки 4. pest infestation
5. требования безопасности 5. liable for heavy fines
6. облагаемые штрафами 6. chemical additives
7. отвечать нуждам 7. international pressure
8. международное давление 8. safety requirements
9. соответствующая упаковка 9. ultimate buyers
10. реинвестирование рыночных сборов 10. reinvesting market fees

Translate and memorize the following word combinations.

European Union, wholesale markets, upgrading management, excessively bureaucratic approach, positive benefit, internal structures, sustainable agriculture, special permission, integrated legal framework, tremendous capacity, preventing adulteration, substantial difference, consumer complaints.

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