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Exercise 1. Выберите нужную форму глагола

1) I (speak/speaks) English.

2) He (speak/speaks) Russian.

3) John (have/has) two brothers.

4) We (have/has) a new car.

5) My brothers (read/reads) English books.

6) I (am/is/are) very happy.

7) My mother (work/works) at school.

8) My parents (am/is/are) at home now.

9) The table (stand/stands) near the window.

10) His father (am/is/are) in London now.

Exercise 2. Замените подлежащее и произведите необходимые изменения в сказуемом. Обратите внимание на произношение окончания –s.

1) You watch TV too much. (The boy).

2) We realize the danger of doing it. (He).

3) The children usually go home after school. (The child).

4) We arrange everything for the New Year party. (Bill).

5) I always help them. (My mother).

6) They look very well. (Jane).

7) The rivers freeze in winter. (This river).

8) They often quarrel with parents. (My sister).

9) My parents read newspapers every morning. (My father).

10) I trust you. (Your teacher).

Exercise 3. Постройте предложения.

I You He She We They Our friends My parents My roommate The passengers Young girls Her brother Old people Our teacher It usually normally regularly occasionally sometimes at times often seldom hardly ever never frequently from time to time once a week twice a year always go to a dance use their car gives us a lot of homework comes late for classes use the underground takes a shower get up very late buy tickets in advance go to the country makes mistakes in translation rains here on Sundays eat meat or fish for supper go to a restaurant write letters to us sends her flowers

Exercise 4. Постройте предложения при помощи союзов but или and.

My parents to like coffee not to like tea
My friend to play the piano not to play the guitar
He to eat meat not to eat fish
Her children to watch detective films not to watch cartoons
My mother to read historical novels not to read love stories
My son to listen to rock-music not to like pop-music
It to rain not to snow
Caroline to speak English not to speak German
Tom and Ted to study at college not to study at the University
I to clean the floor with a vacuum-cleaner not to sweep the floor

Exercise 5. Дайте краткие и полные положительные и отрицательные ответы на вопросы.

1) Do you often quarrel with your parents?

2) Does your mother always understand you?

3) Are you a happy family?

4) Have you many friends at college?

5) Do you have breakfast every morning?

6) Does your friend trust you?

7) Is your mother proud of you?

8) Do you miss your sister?

9) Has your friend good relations with her mother-in-law?

10) Are you a faithful friend?

Exercise 6. Задайте вопросы к предложениям:

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