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Exercise 1. Переведите предложения. Проанализируйте употребление модальных глаголов в следующих предложениях

1) Who is to answer my question?

2) Nobody could translate this text.

3) He has to do this task at once.

4) Must I attend this meeting? – No, you needn’t.

5) You should have shown your notes to the teacher.

6) I asked him, but he wouldn’t listen to me.

7) They should have visited her, she was in the hospital.

8) Last summer we would often go to the country.

9) Your son could do this work himself.

10) Would you tell me the way to the station?

11) Your friend might have informed us.

12) May I leave for a while? – Yes, you may.

13) She should be more attentive to her parents.

14) You needn’t come so early.

Exercise 2. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1) We have to stay at home.

2) He was allowed to take this book.

3) Who is able to do this work?

4) He had to leave for Moscow earlier.

5) We are to take exams in June.

6) Are they allowed to visit you?

7) They were able to do this work in time.

8) I’ll be able to pass my examinations.

9) She’ll be allowed to watch TV.

10) I have to come in time.

11) The train is to come soon.

12) Will you be able to drive a car?

Exercise 3. Замените модальные глаголы соответствующими эквивалентами.

1) He couldn’t explain anything.

2) You must not stay here.

3) Can you read?

4) You may take these books.

5) They can run quickly.

6) She might work in our room.

7) Who can read this text?

8) They must go there tomorrow.

9) May I go to the cinema?

10) We must meet at 7 o’clock.

Exercise 4. Вставьте необходимые модальные глаголы.

1) I …not go to the theatre with them last night, I …revise the grammar rules and the words for the test.

2) My friend lives a long way from his college and … get up early.

3) All of us …be in time for classes.

4) When my friend has his English, he … stay at the office after work. He (not) …stay at the office on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and …get home early.

5) …you …work hard to do well in your English?

6) “…we discuss this question now?” – “No, we …We…do it tomorrow afternoon.”

7) I’m glad you …come.

8) “…you …come and have dinner with us tomorrow?” – “I’d love to”

9) “Please send them this article.” – “oh, …I do it now?”

Exercise 5. Заполните пропуски соответствующими модальными глаголами.

1) They … not do this work themselves.

2) You … take my dictionary.

3) You don’t look well, you …consult the doctor.

4) Why … I give you my money?

5) She … not speak any foreign language.

6) He … to help them, they need his help.

7) … you tell me the time?

8) … I go with you? - No, you…

9) Your daughter …have told about it.

10) In winter we …often skate.

11) You … not miss your classes.

12) … you play the piano before?

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