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Read the text quickly and decide which structure it describes

a The Hoover Dam  
b The Arlberg Tunnel  
c The Channel Tunnel  
d The Golden Gate Bridge    
  The … … … is between Britain and France. It’s more than 20 kilometres long. It was built by British and French engineers. They started on opposite sides and met in the middle under the sea. They used specially-designed tunnel boring machines (TBMs) to dig the tunnels through the rock under the seabed. TBMs are enormous machines for digging tunnels. The machines used to dig the main tunnels were about 8.5 metres in diameter and 250 metres long. Work started in 1987 and the teams met under the seabed in 1991. It is a rail tunnel. The first passenger train went through in 1994.  

* (the text is from: “Engineering” Workshop by Lindsey White, OUP; Unit 15, pg.17, ex.2)

3. Read the text again and find the English equivalents to the following expressions:

- … более чем…

- … был построен…

- … противоположные стороны…

- … специально спроектированные…

- … сквозь горную породу…

- … дно моря…

- … метров в длину…

- … железнодорожный туннель…

Read the text again and answer the questions (1-9) below.

1. Where is it?
2. What is it?
3. How long is it?
4. Who built it?
5. How did they build it?
6. What are TBMs?
7. How big are TBMs?
8. How long did it take to build the tunnel?
9. When did it open?

* (“Engineering” Workshop by Lindsey White, OUP; Unit 15, pg.17, ex.3)

First, underline the question words in ex. 4. Then use them to complete the following questions.

1. ………… many Roman roads are there in Europe?
2. …………… designed St Paul’s Cathedral in London?
3. …………… is the name of the famous bridge in San Francisco?
4. …………… was the Eiffel Tower built?
5. …………… is the Corinth Canal?

* (“Engineering” Workshop by Lindsey White, OUP; Unit 15, pg.17, ex.4)

6. Find in the text from ex.2 the words that show places (= define where the things are) or direction.

Fill in one of the words below into the gaps in the following texts. Check the meaning of any new words in the glossary or your dictionary.

across around between over through under
The Panama Canal is a 64km waterway (1) __________ the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Before the canal was opened, ships had to travel thousands of miles (2) __________ South America. To build the canal, engineers had to dam a major river, and dig a channel (3) __________ a mountain ridge. Tower Bridge is an openable bascule bridge, designed by Horace Jones in 1886. It goes (4) __________ the River Thames in London. Thousands of vehicles drive (5) __________ it every day. Tall ships cannot pass (6) __________ Tower Bridge, instead, the roadway parts and lifts to let them through.  

* (“Engineering” Workshop by Lindsey White, OUP; Unit 15, pg.17, ex.5)

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