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Match two parts of the word combinations together

  1. to diagnose …
  2. to institute …
  3. large amounts of …
  4. to apply …
  5. a marked …
  6. a strict …
  7. a proper …
  8. The symptoms of poisoning are …
  9. violent pains in …
  10. to discharge from …
    1. prostration
    2. the stomach
    3. a gastric lavage
    4. the hospital
    5. poisoning
    6. therapy
    7. nausea
    8. heating pains
    9. vomiting
    10. diet
    11. boiled water

Make up a dialogue completing the sentences with the necessary words from the text above.

  • What’s the problem?
  • I have …
  • Have you eaten anything?
  • Yes, maybe the food was …
  • Let me examine you. I think it is … … . We must … … … . Stay in bed and … this medicine. Apply … … to the feet. How do you feel?
  • I feel …, doctor. Will you take me to the hospital?
  • There is no need to do it. Follow a … diet and a … regimen.
  • Thank you, doctor.
  • Get well.


Study the new words

1.incised wounds – резаные раны

2. lacerated wounds – рваные раны

3.puncture wounds – колотые раны

4.abrasions – ссадины, истирание

5.avulsion – отрывание, отрезание

6. inflict - наносить

7.inception - начало

8.contaminate - заражать

9.remove - удалять

10.incision – надрез, разрез

11.edges - края

12.ragged - рваный

13.devitalized – мёртвый, безжизненный

14.crutches - костыли

15.tetanus antitoxin – противостолбнячная сыворотка

16.friction - трение

17.subcutaneous – подкожный

Read the text about the wounds and their treatment

Types of Wounds and their Treatment

There are several types of wounds: incised wounds, lacerated wounds, puncture wounds, abrasions and avulsion.

Incised wounds

An incised wound is a wound inflicted by a sharp instrument. These wounds are always contaminated.

You should treat the skin around an incised wound with antiseptic solution. If the wound is filled with dirt and foreign material, you should rinse it with sterile saline to remove contamination. Hydrogen peroxide will sometimes bubble out large amounts of dirt and debris and causes minimal damage to tissue cells. If an incised wound has been contaminated with virulent organisms or has been open for several hours, you should pack it open and close several days later, when it is certain that infection will not develop.

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