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Compose the text about N. I. Pirogov by putting the words into the right order. Read the second part of the text and translate it

Part I

  1. Nikolai Pirogov, a, great, Russian, is, scientist.
  2. was, he, in, born, on, Moscow, November 25, 1810.
  3. helped, his devotion to science, Pirogov, obstacles, to overcome; and in 1836, already, was, he, a, of surgery, professor.
  4. “There is, medicine, no, surgery, without, and surgery, no, anatomy, without!” was his motto.
  5. Pirogov, isolated, generalized, ideas, and, of the surgery, experience, of his days; and gave, a, foundation, it scientific.
  6. produced, Pirogov, complete, the first, exact, and, work, in the world, on anatomy, which, “Topographic Anatomy’, entitled, he.
  7. this Atlas, to train, generations, helped, several, of surgeons, and has not, his, lost, to this day, value.

Part II

  1. Pirogov wrote 24 major works and delivered 146 communications to scientific societies.
  2. This Russian scientist contributed greatly to the fields of biology, medicine, anatomy pathology, surgery.
  3. He was the first who divided the Achilles tendon, performed osteoplastic operations, operated on the intestines in cases of bullet wounds.
  4. Pirogov took part in wars where he helped lots of wounded.
  5. To save wounded limbs Pirogov arrived at the idea of the rigid plaster cast.
  6. The prominent surgeon was the initiator of the extensive use of anaesthesia during operations.
  7. Thanks to the discoveries made by Nikolai Pirogov, in the 19th century the real development in the field of surgery began.

Choose the right variant

1.Pirogov was …

a. a physiologist

b. a biologist

c. a surgeon

d. a lecturer

e. a scientist

2. … helped Pirogov to overcome obstacles.

a. money

b. friends

c. devotion to science

d. societies

3.Pirogov generalized …

a. all medical knowledge

b. major scientific works

c. experience of surgery

4.Pirogov produced the work on …

a. medicine

b. surgery

c. anatomy

d. physiology

Ask the questions to the underlined words

  1. Pirogov wrote 24 major works.
  2. This Russian scientist contributed to biology, medicine, anatomy, surgery.
  3. He performed osteoplastic operations and operations on the intestines.
  4. He helped lots of wounded during the wars.
  5. The prominent surgeon used anaesthesia during operations.

Translate into English

  1. Наука требует преданности.
  2. Твоя сила воли поможет тебе преодолеть препятствия.
  3. Это выдающийся тренер. Он уже подготовил несколько поколений хороших спортсменов.
  4. В университетах существуют научные общества.
  5. Как ты пришел к этой идее?
  6. Где Сидоров? Он делает сейчас доклад для студенческого общества.
  7. Работы этого ученого имеют огромную ценность.


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