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Read the sentences translating the Russian fragments into English

1. (Передача информации) it is one of the categories of information-processing tasks.

2. Using different storage technologies the information (сохраняется) to be used for a later time.

3. Organizations and companies use IT to do (задачи по обработке информации).

4. To obtain information we use different (устройства ввода).

5. Information must be (точной and своевременной).

6. (Обработка данных) is a series of actions that converts data into useful information.

Answer the questions.

1. How many categories of information-processing tasks do you know?

2. Are these tasks used separately or all together?

3. What is IT?

4. What is information?

5. What is “conveying information”?


Speak on the following topics.

1. The differences between data and information.

2. Characteristics of information.

3. Information technology; three ways of using IT.

4. Different categories of information-processing tasks.


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