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Find the words with an opposite meaning in the text

1) inside; 2) unique; 3) exclude; 4) wrong; 5) similar; 6) peculiar; 7) release

Complete the sentences using active vocabulary.

1. Using the ALU, a microprocessor can … mathematical operations. 2. Touch-sensitive screens are … to exchange information between a computer and a human being. 3. A …computer provides processing data in numerical form. 4. The computer can … data without human intervention. 5. Printers are one of the most popular output devices … for personal computers. 6. Printers differ in … speed, duty cycle, operating costs and memory.

Read the sentences translating the Russian fragments into English.

1. (Разрешение принтера) is measured by the number of dots printed per linear inch. 2. The computer’s main circuit board holds all essential chips and (обеспечивает) connecting circuitry between them. 3. A microprocessor is a very complex (интегральная схема). 4. Data (скорость передачи данных) is the amount of data a storage device can transfer per second from the storage medium to the computer. 5. Usually (ёмкость запоминающего устройства) is measured in bytes. 6. (Тактовый генератор) produces a series of electronic pulses at a predetermined rate, called the clock speed. 7. Clock speed is measured in megahertz, where one hertz means one cycle or (импульс) per second.

Answer the questions.

1. How can a human being communicate with a computer? 2. How is data placed into the computer system? 3. What are the most common peripherals 4. What does the computer system hardware contain? 5. What is the word length of the CPU?


Speak on the following topics.

1. What makes a computer different from other computing devices? 2. How can the processing speed of the computer be increased? 3. Why does a computer need secondary storage if it has primary storage? 4. Why is it necessary to convert data from human-readable to machine-readable form?


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