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Fill in the blanks choosing from the variants given

1. The instruction to be executed is … from memory by the control unit.

a) affected; b) linked; c) retrieved; d) involved

2. Relevant data is … from memory to the register storage area.

a) built; b) transferred; c) processed; d) decoded

3. The instruction is decoded so the central processor can understand what is to be …

a) executed; b) accessed; c) held; d) followed

4. After both phases have been … for one instruction, they are again executed for the second instruction.

a) decoded; b) moved; c) measured; d) accomplished

5. Pipelining … the speed of processing.

a) produces; b) increases; c) decreases; d) affects

6. The clock speed is a series of electronic pulses produces by the oscillator at a predetermined … .

a) rate; b) power; c) length; d) connection

Give the English equivalents.

1) посредством (чего-л.); 2) заранее установленный; 3) мощный; 4)скорость; частота; 5) шина, 6) уменьшать; сокращать; 7) конвейерная обработка информации)

Find the answers to the questions.

1. In what form is data transferred between the components of the computer? 2. What means are used to move data from the central processor to other system components? 3. What does the word length of the CPU specify? 4. How can the performance of the CPU be increased? 5. What is a machine cycle?

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