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Put the letters in the following words into the correct order

1) esroafwt; 2) yuttiil; 3) edceiv; 4) emgaan; 5) ndgeis; 6) trseequ; 7) ticnatre; 8) eicnatfer; 9) rmeuuslit

3. Fill in the blanks choosing from the variants given.

1. An operating system … computer resources, such as RAM, storage space, peripherals.

a) allocates; b) manages; c) defines

2. To run more than one program at a time, the operating system must … specific areas of RAM for each program.

a) allocate; b) install; c) store

3. A user interface is a combination of hardware and software that helps people and computers … with each other.

a) control; b) display; c) communicate

4. WinZip, WinAce are third-party …that offer a variety of compression options.

a) utility; b) system; c) technology

5. An operating system communicates with device drivers so that data can travel between the computer and peripheral resources.

a) roughly; b) primary; c) smoothly

6. The core part of an operating system is called its ….

a) RAM; b) core; c) kernel

Give the English equivalents.

1) однопользовательская операционная система; 2) устройство ввода; 3) рабочая среда; 4) программное обеспечение; 5) аппаратные средства; 6) ядро операционной системы; 7) модифицировать по заказу пользователя; 8) одновременно; 9) оборудование; 10) сервисная программа.

Find the answers to the questions.

1. What is an operating system? What does an operating system do?

2. What are utilities? What are the most popular ones?

3. Are different operating systems needed for different computing tasks?

4. What is the best-selling operating system?

5. Does an operating system affect the user interface? How?

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