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Fill in the blanks choosing from the variants given. 1. An information system “from scratch” can be exactly to system requirements

1. An information system “from scratch” can be exactly … to system
a) tailored; b) downloaded; c) bought
2. An application development tool is a type of software construction … containing building blocks that can be assembled into software product.
a) site; b) design; c) kit
3. Commercial software … much of the design work required with programming languages or application development tools.
a) increases; b) eliminates; c) refuses
4. A turnkey system might seem like a quick and easy … and it looks attractive to many project teams.
a) solution; b) purchase; c) project
5. The project team must decide if the benefits of commercial software can … the cost and inconvenience of procedural changes.
a) add to; b) cut down; c) compensate

Give the English equivalents.

1) рассматривать различные варианты; 2) приобрести коммерческое ПО; 3) требовать профессиональных знаний; 4) предлагать наибольшую гибкость; 5) оболочки экспертных систем; 6) соответствовать потребностям бизнеса

Find the answers to the questions.

1. What software alternatives are available?
2. What are the pros and cons of creating a system “from scratch”?
3. What do application development tools include?
4. Why does commercial software require extensive evaluation?
5. Why does a turnkey system look so attractive to many project teams?

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