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Exercise 1. Answer the questions about the text

Answer the questions about the text.

1. When was the University established?

2. What status does the University have in Belarus?

3. How many faculties does the BNTU consist of? What are they?

4. Is the academic staff numerous at the University?

5. What skills and qualities do employers value in today’s university graduates?

6. What is the University campus like?

7. What study facilities does the University offer?

8. Why is the BNTU considered to be one of the top sporting universities in the country?

9. Does the BNTU provide students with accommodation?

10. What recreation activities are available for the BNTU students?

11. In what way is research work organized at the University?

12. What are the advantages of the BNTU educational experience?

Exercise 2.

Discuss whether you think these statements are true or false.

1. The BNTU was founded in 1922 on the basis of the polytechnic college.

2. The University only welcomes students from Belarus.

3. About 35 000 students study on full-time and part-time basis.

4. Highly qualified academic staff are only involved in teaching.

5. Study programmes are designed to develop students’ intellectual abilities and specialist skills which are very important in the job market.

6. Lectures and seminars make up the majority of teaching time.

7. A state-of-the-art sports complex offers indoor sports facilities.

8. All University’s halls of residence are located far from the campus.

9. The Students’ Trade Union offers social and sporting activities organized by students for students.

10. The BNTU is developing national and international partnerships with other leading universities and industry.

Exercise 3.

The University Open Day is a day to discover what it’s really like at the University. Have you attended the Open Day? If yes, then was the visit useful? Describe your general impressions. If you haven’t attended the Open Day, describe what can applicants (абитуриенты) find out on this day using your general knowledge and expressions from the Useful language box.

Useful language to have the opportunity to look around the campus, to find out detailed information about the admission process and career prospects, to take part in a number of talks on many aspects of life and study at the University, to find information on issues such as scholarships and fees (оплата за обучение), accommodation and extracurricular activities, to gain impression of a student life at the University, to have the chance to talk to the current students and hear a firsthand account (мнение из первых рук) of the student experience, to learn more about courses and facilities, to have the opportunity to ask the Faculty staff any questions about the Faculty and the courses it offers

You can begin like this: The Open Day as a whole was an amazing experience because it gave me an idea of what to expect if I were to study at the BNTU. I learnt more about ...

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