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Exercise 1. Learning at university is often different from school or college

Learning at university is often different from school or college. Choose three things that impressed you greatly when you started learning at the University:

- the campus area

- a large number of students

- different kinds of classes

- the opportunity to feel part of campus life

- large library resources

- the opportunities to practice sports at all levels

- a variety of engineering laboratories

- numerous out- of-class social and sporting activities

- a wide range of clubs and societies

Use the model:

When I started learning at the University I was greatly (really) impressed by…

From my first days at the University I was surprised by…

Exercise 2.

Discuss these statements. Use the expressions from the Useful language box to help you.

1. Knowledge is power.

2. The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

Useful language   In my opinion, one of the most important things in our life is… I consider that learning is always hard but… From my point of view, many young people… As I see it, it is necessary to … I believe getting higher education is a good way to find… It seems to me education provides a good opportunity to… I’m sure that deep knowledge in different fields helps to… It is clear that in order to be successful you have to…


Exercise 1.

Match the English words and phrases with their Russian equivalents.

1. to be at the forefront a. участвовать
2. department b. спортивная площадка
3. recreation c. поощрять
4. pitch d. выполнять
5. state-of-the-art e. признанный
6. trade union f. сборная команда
7. proficiency g. кафедра
8. to take charge of smth. h. учеба
9. to undertake i. ценить
10. to compete j. современный
11. to get involved in smth. k. многонациональное учебное заведение
12. ingenuity l. быть на передовой
13. learning m. профсоюз
14. ability n. отдых, развлечение
15. industrially focused o. взять на себя ответственность за что-либо
16. to encourage p. мастерство, сноровка, умение
17. combined team q. изобретательность
18. leadership characteristics r. межуниверситетский
19. to value s. соревноваться
20. inter-university t. практико (промышленно) -ориентированный
21. multicultural institution u. поездка
22. recognized v. способность
23. ride w. лидерские качества

Exercise 2.

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