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Exercise 4. Work in groups of three or four

Work in groups of three or four. Do you agree or disagree with these statements? Give reasons for your answers. Use expressions from the Useful language box to help you.

1.Your years at the University are the best of your life.

2.Students need to be organized, initiative and take charge of their learning.

Useful language get the most out of your university life, to have the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of academic, social and sporting activities, to meet people with a common academic interest, to make a lot of new friends, to create lasting friendships, the University allows both to learn and have fun, numerous clubs and societies provide a place to meet like-minded (имеющий схожие пристрастия) people or simply socialize 2.the University offers an educational experience designed to help... , students need to get used to different kinds of learning required in certain subject areas, it’s a different sort of atmosphere from school, to be far more independent, to be responsible for one’s own learning, to come to the classes fully ready, to spend many hours independently preparing for studies

Exercise 5.

Put the words in these questions in the correct order. Then match them with the answers to make a dialogue about the University.

1. it / for you / hard / university life / to settle down / was / into?

2. any / there / difference / is / university and school / between?

3. you / feel / any / do / support / the teachers / from?

4. take part / do / in the events / you / by the Students’ Union / organised?

5. have / in the halls of residence / you / accommodation / don’t you?

6. what / available / are / sports / to students?

a. There are 26 different sports societies within the sports complex. We have sports like football, volleyball and lots of martial arts (боевые искусства) as well.

b. There are really good teachers. They really give a lot of help. It might seem there’s no support there, but as soon as you just ask for it, it’s always available.

c. Actually, I do. It’s a good standard accommodation, just a short walk from the campus.

d. Well, it was a bit scary, to be honest, leaving home for the first time, going to live in a new place, but I quickly settled in and found it very friendly.

e. Sure. You know, university life is more than just lectures and exams. The Union really tries to encourage any student to be active and participate in a wide range of social and sporting activities. It makes our life here more enjoyable.

f. I think there’s a big difference between university and school. Here you’re far more independent and responsible for your own learning.

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