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Match the English words (phrases) with their Russian equivalents

1. admission a. изучать, рассматривать
2. self-governing b. практикум
3. tutorial c. поддержка
4. assessment d. индивидуальное обучение
5. medieval e. прием в университет
6. to suit f. назначать
7. to clarify g. университетский городок
8. bachelor h. автономный
9. to appoint i. иметь много общего
10. to place emphasis on smth. j. гуманитарные предметы
11. punting k. средневековый
12. support l. развлекательные мероприятия
13. practical m. оценка
14. personal tuition n. практическое занятие с преподавателем-консультантом
15. antiquity p. происхождение
16. to explore q. подходить, устраивать
17. arts subjects r. катание на лодке с шестом
18. recreational activities s. самостоятельно
19. to have a great deal in common t. прояснять
20. origin u. древность
21. independently v. бакалавр
22. campus w. придавать значение чему-либо

Exercise 2.

Match the English words (phrases) with their definitions. Check any unknown words in a dictionary.

Admission, tutorial, multimedia, degree, assessment, accommodation, content, origin

a. involving computer programmes that use a mixture of sound,

b. pictures, video, and writing to give information

c. a place for someone to live or stay

d. the evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality, or ability of someone or something

e. the process of allowing people to enter a university, institution

f. ideas, facts, or opinions that are contained in a speech, piece of writing, film, programme.

g. an academic rank conferred by a university after examination or after completion of a course

h. the place or situation in which something begins to exist

i. a regular meeting between a tutor and one or several students, for discussion of a subject that is being studied

Exercise 3.

Match the words with a similar meaning. Check any unknown words in a dictionary.

1. to found a. dormitory
2. recreation b. outstanding
3. hall of residence c. to supply
4. rapid d. range
5. prominent e. to allow
6. to provide f. autonomous
7. suitable g. to set up
8. variety h. without assistance
9. self-governing i. to be situated
10. to enable j. entertainment
11. independently k. appropriate
12. to be located l. fast

Exercise 4.

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