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Exercise 1

Match the companies to the products they manufacture. Think of adjectives that match the products.

Use the model:TheBelarusian Autoworks is the company that manufactures (produces, makes) reliable mining dump trucks.

company describing adjective product
Minsk Automobile Plant well-made fuel oil, gasoline, diesel fuel
Instrument-making plant ‘Izmeritel’ reliable power transformers, transformer substations
Minsk Motor Plant high-quality integrated circuits, semiconductor devices
‘Naftan»’OJSC competitive incandescent bulbs, energy-saving bulbs
‘Integral’ JSC high-tech fridges, freezers, automatic washing machines
Minsk Bearing Plant high-performance fifth-wheel tractors, drop-side trucks, buses, chassis
Minsk Electrotechnical Plant safe dashboards for trucks, taximeters, relay-brakers
Brest Electric Lamp Plant good-quality diesel engines
‘Atlant’ CJSC excellent ball bearings, spherical roller bearings

OJSC– Open Joint Stock Company – Открытое Акционерное Общество (ОАО)

CJSC – Closed Joint Stock Company – Закрытое Акционерное Общество (ЗАО)

PA– Production Association – Производственное Объединение

Exercise 2.

Work in pairs. Your friend has just read the text ‘The Industry of Belarus’. Interview him about one of the leading branches of national economy (automotive engineering, tractor and agricultural engineering, radio-electronics, electrical engineering, chemical and petrochemical industry). Ask about:

- the leading enterprises in this sector …

- the kinds of products the industry specializes in …

- if the companies produce competitive products …

- where the manufacturing output is exported …

Useful Language Do you happen to know… As far as I know… I wonder if… If I’m not mistaken… I’d like to know (if)… If I remember right… Could you possibly tell me… It seems to me… One more question to you… Let me think…

Use the model:

- Could you tell me what kinds of products light industry specializes in?

- If I’m not mistaken it specializes in clothes made of cotton, flax and wool.

Exercise 3.

Have you ever been inside a factory? Describe what you saw and your general impressions. If you haven’t been there yet describe what happens in the different areas of the factory using your general knowledge. Use expressions from the Useful language box to help you.

Useful language A typical factory includes (consists of)…, to be located, to be situated in an industrial zone, the main production area (line), a machine hall (workshop), an assembly shop, a warehouse, a packing line, the gatehouse, large machinery, production process is fully (partially) automated, to roll off the assembly line, the conveyor belt transports goods around the factory, to run at full (half) capacity, some of the work is still done manually, to pack by hand, to wrap and load onto pallets

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