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What do you know about the BNTU Faculties?

Do the general knowledge quiz below to find out more about the Faculties of the University.

General Knowledge Quiz

1. The oldest Faculty of the BNTU is

a) Information Technology and Robotics Faculty

b) Power Engineering Faculty

c) Mechanical and Technological Faculty

2. The youngest Faculty of the University is

a) Instrumentation Engineering Faculty

b) Military Engineering Faculty

c) Sports Engineering Faculty

3. The largest number of students is at

a) Mechanical and Technological Faculty

b) Automobile and Tractor Faculty

c) Mining and Environmental Engineering Faculty

4. The Faculty that trains engineers only on full-time basis is

a) Mechanical Engineering Faculty

b) Power Engineering Faculty

c) Military Engineering Faculty

5. The Faculty that is situated in the 17th building is

d) Instrumentation Engineering Faculty

e) Information Technology and Robotics Faculty

f) Automobile and Tractor Faculty


Exercise 1.

Match the English words (phrases) with their Russian equivalents.

1. research portfolio a) декан
2. to rename b) спрос, потребность
3. to establish c) включать
4. to head d) общий
5. to separate from e) переименовывать
6. to give training f) возглавлять
7. transformation g) учреждать, основывать
8. to include h) в тесном сотрудничестве
9. demand i) исследовательское портфолио
10. in close consultation j) отделять от
11. common k) найти работу
12. dean l) изменение, преобразование
13. to find employment m) предоставлять подготовку


Exercise 1.

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