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Exercises. 1.Fill in the blanks with prepositions if necessary

1.Fill in the blanks with prepositions if necessary.

1. Finishing school is quite the right time to think … future profession.

2. Finishing school is the beginning … the independent life … millions … school leavers.

3. Many roads are opened … them, but it is not an easy thing to choose a profession … more than 2,000 existing … the world.

4. People must be realistic … their abilities, so as to make the best use … their own talents.

5. Teaching is a real challenge … my character and abilities.

6. Modern school is aimed … develop individual abilities of children, independent thinking and creativity.

7. This profession can be rewarded if you like dealing … children.

8. ... the other hand most jobs are done … the usual office hours … 9 a.m. … 5 p.m. but not … teachers.

9. Their evenings are usually spent … marking exercise books and preparing … the next lesson.

10. Only bright personalities are respected … audience.

11. It’s not easy, as it may seem … first but I’m keen … this profession and I’ll do my best to match it.

12. I think that love … children combined … the knowledge I’ll get at the University would be quite enough to succeed … my future work.

Read the sentences translating the words in brackets into English.

1. Finishing school is quite the right time (подумать о будущей профессии) because it is the beginning of (независимой жизни для миллионов школьных выпускников).

2. (Несколько институтов и университетов в Перми) provide good higher education.

3. (Что касается меня) I made my choice long ago.

4. (Я знаю, что преподавание) is a very specific and difficult job.

5. Teachers don’t only give knowledge, (они развивают независимое мышление и творческие способности в детях).

6. You have to be quite creative and (хорошо образованы).

7. You ought to know (много разных вещей не только в своем предмете) but also in many others such as (педагогика, психология, философия, история, литература).

8. This work is varied; it requires (гибкого подхода) to every lesson and (хороших навыков общения).

9. It’s a pleasure to work in modern (хорошо отремонтированных и хорошо оборудованных) schools.

10. A teacher is a person who is (постоянно совершенствует свои знания) as well as teaching others.

11. (Я уверен, что) a teacher should have such personal qualities as (великодушие, терпение, гибкость) and so on.

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