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Задание 8. Заполните пропуски в предложениях, используя правильную форму глагола, данного в скобках

Mark Pringle is (be) two years older than his cousin Nick. After he left school, he ___ (get) a job with a music magazine. For the last two years he ____ (work) as a general reporter. ‘I _____ (like) the work’, he says. ‘Next year, I ____ (probably/go) to New York to work as the American correspondent.’

Like Nick, Mark ____ (go) to a public school – Charterhouse – and he ____ (not like) it, either. ‘I ____ (be) very pleased when I ____ (leave) my school two years ago. If I have children, I ____ (not send) them to a state school’.

Mark didn’t go to University. ‘I ____ (not get) very good grades in my ‘A’ Levels’, he says, but that’s O.K., because I ___ (not need) good ‘A’ Level grades to do this job’. At the moment, he _____ (study) Spanish and Portuguese. ‘A lot of good music ____ (come) from South America, and after New York, I ____ (want) to go and live there for a few years.’

Задание 9. Выберите правильный вариант ответа.

1. Shhh! I can’t hear what he ______.

a. says b. is saying c. say d. have said

2. It was ______.

a. at six o’clock rain b. raining last

c. rain last night d. raining at six o’clock last night

3. The police ____Nom.

a. has arrested b. was arrested by

c. have arrested d. were arrested

4. The policeman read the gentleman his rights after he _______ him.

a. had arrested b. arrested

c. was arresting d. arrests

Задание 10. Определите, в какой части предложения содержится ошибка.

1. Lasers is of great value in areas such as communication, industry, medicine.

a b c d

2. The watt is namedafter James Watt, a British engineer who has developed the

a b c d

steam engine.

3. The development of voice recognition shallenable the computer to identify the

a b c d

spoken commands.

4. Images and sounds often added to games makes them more realistic and more

a b c d


5. Security systemsdistinguish between faces they has been taught to recognize.

a b c d

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