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А) Расположи отрывки в таком порядке, чтобы получился рассказ

Контрольная работа по чтению состоит из трех разделов.

Часть первая. (Базовый уровень). Понимание общего содержания текстов. Тип первого задания - установление соответствия; каждый заголовок соответствует только одному тексту, при этом один заголовок лишний; второе задание - закончить предложения, используя информацию текста.

Часть вторая. (Повышенный уровень). Умение находить запрашиваемую информацию. Тип задания – установление соответствия между утверждениями и содержанием текста, а также необходимо расположить тексты в таком порядке, чтобы получился рассказ.

Часть третья. (Высокий уровень). Полное понимание текста. Тип задания- note- making.

Критерии: максимальное кол- во баллов 32б

- базовый уровень- ( 1 текст) "удов" 12б-19б

- повышенный (1+2тексты) – "хор" 20- 25б

- высокий уровень (1-3 тексты) – "отл" 26-32б

Часть 1

Прочитай, что некоторые британцы говорят о своих увлечениях.

A) Подбери к текстам заголовки. Один заголовок лишний.

1) We are very fond of having picnics. On Sundays our family goes to some nice place in the country. We like to sit in the open air and enjoy nature. It's a pleasure to have lunch in a forest or near the water. We can also play ball or swim if the weather is fine.

2) My best friend and I often go to the discos. We listen to music and dance there. It's fun! Rock is our favourite type of music. And we enjoy listening to jazz.

3) We have two dogs. Their names are Terry and Rex. We love them so much! Every day we take them for a walk in the park. They are so polite and nice when they meet other dogs there. I think they say "Hello!" to them in their dog language.

4) All my friends love sport. Our favourite sports are horse riding, football and swimming. Every school and college has its own football team. We often have sport competitions at our school. It's great when your team wins!

a We are fond of sports.

b British weekend

c How can we spend free time

d Pet lovers

e Most British are nice and polite.

B). Закончи предложения, используя информацию текста.

1). On Sundays the British like____________________________________________________________.

2). They think it's pleasant to______________________________________________________________.

3). Some boys often go to the disco to_______________________________________________________.

4). Many British families keep_____________________________________________________________.

5). They enjoy looking after them and every day they___________________________________________.

6). The most favourite sports among the British are____________________________________________.

7). Most British schools have______________________________________________________________.

Часть 2

Прочитай три отрывка о рабочем дне девочки.

а) Расположи отрывки в таком порядке, чтобы получился рассказ.

1). At one o'clock Ann usually has lunch. After lunch she helps mother about the house. Ann doesn't like to wash the dishes but she enjoys shopping. Sometimes she doesn't remember what her mother told her to buy but she never forgets to buy some milk for her cat.

2). Ann can play the piano very well. Her friends often come to see her in the evening. They enjoy listening to music and sometimes Ann plays or sings for them. They always praise (хвалят) her singing. Sometimes they go out for a walk if the weather is fine and enjoy fresh air and a good company.

3). Ann often goes to bed late and she hates getting up early. Her mornings are very busy. She can't always find her things. She looks for her schoolbag everywhere and at last finds it under the sofa. Sometimes she doesn't have time to eat her breakfast and she is often late for school. I wonder why she never gets bad marks!

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