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Определите, какие из приведенных утверждений соответствуют содержанию (T- True),какие не соответствуют (F- False)

1.Aesop lived in France.

2.He was a rich man.

3.He lived more than two thousand years ago.

4.His stories had a moral.

5.Mothers and fathers told Aesop's stories to their children.

6.Aesop told his own stories in other countries.

7.Aesop's fables were translated in 20th century.

8.In Russia they were not translated.

9.His fables are still told today.

10.They help people to become better.

2)Прослушайте письмо американского мальчика Майка и выполните задание, выбрав правильный вариант ответа. Повышенный уровень.

Hello! My name's Mike. I'm 13 and I'm a student. I live in Chicago, Illinois. Illinois is one of the states in the USA. My hobby is sport. It's great! I play baseball. It makes me strong. I enjoy listening to rock music. My favourite rock group is "Zeppelin". And I also like circus. It's fun to look at clowns and clever animals! I'm good at history and maths. I read a lot about great people. I'd like to be a journalist and travel around the world. I want to see people and life. What about you?

Выбери правильный вариант:

1. Mike is...

a. fourteen

b. thirteen

c. twelve

2. Mike lives...

a. in the country

b. in a big city

с. in a small town

3. Mike likes to do sport...

a. in the gym

b. in the swimming pool

c. at the stadium

4. Mike enjoys...

a. quiet music

b. folk music

c. quick and loud music

5. Mike likes to read...

a. biographies

b. fairy-tales

c. poems

6. Mike can...

a. draw well

b. count and do sums well

c. recite poems well

7. Mike would like to work...

a. on a farm

b. for a newspaper or a magazine

c. in a hospital

Лексико – грамматический тест.


1)Find the synonyms to the given words you came across in the story "Aesop''


a) moved

b) died

c) stayed

d) made


a) large

b) small

c) less

d) lose


a) listening

b) swimming

c) digging

d) giving

To be called

a) to be shouted

b) to be named

c) to be given

d) to be taken


a) unknown

b) talented

c) strange

d) well-known


a) cry

b) weep

c) smile

d) shout

2)Find the antonyms to the given words used in the story "Aesop"


a) moved

b) stayed


a) prosperous

b) poor


a) comrade

b) fellow


a) to be fond of

b) love


a) well-known

b) outstanding


a) smile

b) cry


a) worse

b) worst

c) told

d) inhabited

c) naive

d) lame

c) enemy

d) mate

c) think

d) hate

c) unknown

d) typical

c) become

d) take

c) good

d) fine

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