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1)Insert the missing prepositions:

1. Aesop lived____Greece more than two thousand years ago.

a) at c) by

b) on d) in

2. He was the servant___a rich man.

a) about c) at

b) over d) of

3. He made____little stories____man and animals and told them____his friends. Each story had a moral.

a) up/on/about с) up/about/to

b) on/to over d) on/to/up

4. A little story____a moral is called a fable.

a) about c) on

b) with d) to

5. Mothers and fathers told Aesop's stories______ their children.

a) to c) about

b) - d) with

6. Travelers heard the fables______ Greece and told them______ other countries.

a) in / at c) in / in

b) at/ at d) at / in

7. ... the 15th century Aesop's fables were translated_______ French, English and German.

a) since / to c) until / into

b) from / into d) after / to

8. ... Russia, they were translated during the time______ Peter the Great.

a) into / at c) into / by

b) in / of d) in / about

9. Aesop became famous all______ the world are still told today.

a) about c) over

b) round d) through

10. They draw people's attention _______what is bad and help people_______ become better.

a) on / at c) to / —

b) at / on d) at/ —

Do puzzle:


1) Who was Aesop?

3) Who lives in the forests?

5) The place where nations live?

7) The synonym of the word "SOS"?

9) The antonym of the word "well"?

10) The antonym of the word "poor"?


1) What thing of Aesop had a moral?

2) A man who always travels.

4) A little story with a moral.

6) The antonym of the word "unknown".

8) The synonym of the word "comrade".


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