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B) Отметь буквой Т (true) информацию, соответствующую тексту, и буквой F ( False) – не соответствующую тексту

1.She is never late for school.

2.She always gets good marks.

3.She goes to bed early.

4.She enjoys shopping.

5.Sometimes she goes for а walk in the evening.

6.She doesn't sing well.

7.She can't find her things in the morning.

8.She always buys milk for her cat.

9.She likes to wash the dishes.

Часть 3

Прочитайте два текста о разных школах и заполните таблицу.

  School 1 — Alice School 2 — Magnus
Number of students    
Start and finish time    
Favourite subjects    


I am Alice. I am in my sitting room at home, talking to my teacher on the radio. Yes, I am at school!

I live in the middle of Australia, a long way from any towns or cities, so I belong to the School of the Air. Students from all over Australia belong to such school. Every day, I start at half past eight. I have two hours of radio lessons and sometimes I watch lessons on TV. After that, I have three hours of homework, then I have free time.

I don't mind going to school in the sitting room — it's fun! I like using the radio. I like Geography because I'm interested in learning about for­eign countries and I like talking to my Geography teacher about her visits to Europe, Asia and Ameri­ca. I also like History lessons. Unfortunately, we don't have sport lessons.


I am Magnus. I go to Green Street School in Portland, the USA. We get to school by bus.

Our school is quite big. There are about 1,500 students. I don't mind going to school. The lessons aren't very difficult for me. Our lessons start at half past eight. We usually have five or six 45-minute lessons. I am interested in science and computer studies. I usually get good grades in these subjects and I don't mind having tests in English and Literature.

I like my school. I am good at sport. I like play­ing ball games, especially baseball, football and bas­ketball. We don't have uniform in our school and we don't study foreign languages. Some schools in Portland teach Spanish and German. I would like to study German.

I usually come home after 3 p.m. and go to the local stadium to play baseball with my friends.

Переведите текст об Эзопе и выполните задания. Базовый уровень.


to make up


a servant

to reach

draw people's attention

Aesop lived in Greece more than two thousand years ago. He was the servant of a rich man. He made up little stories about man and animals and told them to his friends. Each story had a moral.

Everybody liked hearing the stories he told. A little story with a moral is called a fable. Mothers and fathers told Aesop's stories to their children. Travelers heard the fables in Greece and told them in other countries.

From the 15thcentury Aesop's fables were translated into French, English and German. In Russia, they were translated during the time of Peter the Great.

Aesop became famous all over the world and his fables are still told today they draw people's attention to what is bad and help people become better.

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