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Read the sentences and compare the information given

1. The teacher’s desk is in the room. Стол учителя стоит в комнате. 2. The film on TV was very interesting last night. Фильм по телевизору был вчера интересный. 3. A lot of people will be present at the party on Saturday. Много людей придет на вечеринку в субботу. There is a teacher’s desk in the room. В комнате стоит стол учителя. There was an interesting film on TV last night. Вчера по телевизору шел интересный фильм. There will be a lot of people at the party on Saturday. В субботу на вечеринке будет много людей.

Ex. 6. Analyze the following sentences and translate them into Russian.

a) 1. There are some big trees in the garden. 2. There is a seminar on philosophy today. 3. There are comfortable apartments in this block of flats. 4. There are a lot of accidents on this road. 5. There is something in my eye. 6. There are 11 players in a football team. 7. There is a book and two pens on the desk.

b) 1. There were a lot of children in the yard an hour ago. 2. There was an important meeting of students with the Dean last week. 3. I know there were some letters for me yesterday. 4. When I got home, I was hungry but there wasn’t anything to eat. 5. There was a swimming pool at our hotel last summer.

c) 1. There will be one more department at the University next year. 2. When you arrive tomorrow, there will be somebody at the station to meet you. 3. I don’t think there will be any problems at the exam. 4. There will be dictionaries on every table. 5. There will be no underground service between Vostok and Kupalovskaya stations tomorrow.

Ex. 7. Make the sentences interrogative and negative. Follow the models.

A) Are there any new messages for me today?

Yes, there are. / No, there aren’t.

There are no (not any) new messages for you today.

How many new messages are there for me today?

1. There are twelve students in my group. 2. There are twenty six letters in the English alphabet. 3. There is only one chair in this room. 4. There are thirty days in September. 5. There is one button on my jacket.

B) Was there little time for this work?

Yes, there was. / No, there wasn’t.

There wasn’t much time for this work.

How much time was there for this work?

1. There was little water in the bottle. 2. There was only one circus in the city 50 years ago. 3. There were a lot of lights in my Christmas-tree last year. 4. There was a shop at the end of the street. 5. There were seven flowers in the vase. 6. There were three pictures on the wall near the door. 7. There was little food in the fridge.

C) Will there be a new tube station in our street?

Yes, there will. / No, there won’t.

There won’t (will not) be a new tube station in our street.

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