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Post-Reading Activity

Ex. 5. Answer the following questions.

1. What’s a fraction in mathematics? 2. In what form is a common fraction generally written? 3. What does the denominator (the numerator) represent? 4. How can a rational number be defined? 5. What types of fractions do you know in algebra? 6. What is an equivalent (mixed) fraction? 7. Is it possible to change a mixed number to an improper fraction? 8. What happens to a common fraction when we multiply it by one? 9. In what way can we reduce a fraction? 10. What is a decimal fraction?

Ex.6. Find the English equivalents for the Russian words and word combinations.

1. часть целого; 2. числитель дроби; 3. знаменатель дроби; 4. должны быть превращены; 5. в десятичной форме; 6. наименьший общий знаменатель; 7. полученная дробь; 8. неправильная дробь; 9. сократить дробь; 10. часть целого; 11. члены дроби; 12. представлено дробью; 13. искомая дробь; 14. иметь что-либо общее

a. the fraction sought for; b. a proper fraction; c. to reduce a fraction; d. a part of the whole; e. to have in common; f. in decimal form; g. the resulting fraction; h. the terms of a fraction; i. the denominator of a fraction; j. an improper fraction; k. the least common denominator (LCD); l. the numerator of a fraction; m. must be changed to; n. is represented by the fraction

Ex.7. Give the proper English equivalents for the Russian expressions.

the greatest common factor; to invert; the quotient; performed operations; the numerator and denominator; decimal numerals; proper fractions; the minuend, subtrahend and remainder; to reduce a fraction; mixed numbers; improper fractions

1. A rational number is частное (divisor is not zero) of two integers. 2. Fractions which represent values less than one are called правильными дробями. 3. If we divide both числитель и знаменатель by the same number, not zero, or one we leave the fractional number unchanged. 4. To bring a fractional number to lower terms means сократить дробь. 5. Наибольший общий делитель is the largest possible integer by which both numbers in the fraction are divisible. 6. We can express rational numbers as десятичными числами. 7. In order to divide one fraction by another it is necessary перевернуть the divisor fraction and then multiply. 8. We have just выполнили операции on complex and rational expressions as well. 9. When we have to subtract decimal fractions we write them so that the decimal points of уменьшаемого, вычитаемого и остатка are below each other. 10. To multiply смешанные числа we reduce them to неправильные дроби.

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