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Degrees of Comparison

short words: -er, -est big – bigger – the biggest thin – thinner – the thinnest short – shorter – the shortest
words ending in – y: -ier, -iest easy – easier – the easiest happy – happier – the happiest heavy – heavier – the heaviest
long words: more, the most important – more important – the most important general – more general – the most general
both ways for some adjectives (stupid, gentle, friendly, cruel, common, pleasant, quiet, shallow) simpler – the simplest simple more simple- the most simple narrower – the narrowest narrow more narrow – the most narrow cleverer – the cleverest clever more clever – the most clever
real right wrong real - morereal- the most real right - moreright - the mostright wrong- more wrong - the mostwrong
a bit/ a littlе + comparative (немного)   a bit   bigger older more difficult   than
much/ a lot/ far + comparative (намного, гораздо) It’s much cheaper. – Это намного дешевле. The film is far better than the book. – Фильм гораздо лучше, чем книга.
By far + superlative (гораздо) He is by far the best student in the class. – Он гораздо лучше, чем все остальные студенты.

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