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Build come have work do have wear play cook stand swim have

1. (on the telephone) “Hello. Can I speak to Ann, please?” “She … a shower at the moment. Can you phone again later?”

2. Hurry up! The bus … .

3. Please be quiet. I … .

4. Look! Joy … her new hat.

5. They … a new hotel in the city centre at the moment.

6. Listen! Pat … the piano.

7. (on the telephone) We … dinner now. Can you phone later?

8. Look! Somebody … in the river.

9. “You … on my foot.” “Oh, I’m sorry.”

10. ‘Where are you, Ann?” “In the kitchen. I … a meal.”

11. Look at Mike. He … his homework.

12. It’s 5 o’clock. The family … tea.

Put the verbs in the correct form of the Present Continuous Tense. Translate the sentences.

1. It (rain) all day. 2. I (play) the piano now. 3. Mary (come) to see us. 4. The boy (climb) the tree. 5. The woman (drink) milk. 6. We (listen) to the teacher. 7. I (work) very hard. 8. He (write) a test. 9. “Where are the children?” “They (lie) on the carpet and (draw).” 10. “What you (do) now?” “I (look for) my key. I can’t open the door.” 11. Let’s go for a walk. It (not/rain) now. 12. Why you (not/hurry)? I (wait) for you. 12. I (meet) Ann tonight. She (come) from Cork. 13. It (rain) cats and dogs. 14. He … (tell) the people about our methods? 15. Smith and Green (collect) information now.

Give positive or negative short answers.

1. Are you watching TV? 2. Are you wearing shoes? 3. Is it raining? 4. Is your mother watching you? 5. Is the sun shining? 6. Are you eating anything? 7. Is your mother working at the moment? 8. Are you working on a report now? 9. Are your classmates answering questions now? 10. Are your classmates making much noise at the moment? 11. Are you taking a shower? 12. Is your classmate speaking on the telephone?

Translate into English.

1. Я сейчас слушаю радио. 2. Возьми зонтик, весь день идет дождь. 3. Я сейчас перевожу текст. 4. Почему на тебе надето пальто? Сегодня не холодно. 5. “Где Джон?” “ Он играет в компьютерные игры.” 6. В данный момент студенты нашей группы выполняют лабораторную работу. 7. Послушай! Том поет в соседней комнате. 8. Ты идешь в магазин или домой? 9. “Что ты сейчас делаешь?” “Я выполняю домашнюю работу.” 10. Мы не купаемся, мы играем в волейбол. 11. Не шумите так сильно. Я пытаюсь работать. 12. Становится темно. Давай пойдем домой. 13. Ты сейчас едешь домой на автобусе или на трамвае? 14. “Кто говорит по телефону в данный момент? Ты или твоя сестра?” “Моя сестра.” 15. Люди внимательно слушают мистера Вильсона.

Pre-text exercises

30. Look at the following international words, guess their meaning and check the pronunciation:

company, economist, manager, telecommunication, bank, polytechnic, university, student, faculty, physics, exam, music, ambition, ecological, situation, minute, problem, classical, idea, energetic, mathematics, crisis, smoke, factor, intelligent, panic, culture, hero, heroism, industrial, modern, monument, museum, central, park.

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