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Choose the right variant. 1) London is the capital of:

1) London is the capital of:

a) Great Britain;

b) Russia;

c) USA.

2) London is divided into several parts:

a) the City, the East End and the West End;

b) the City, the West End, the East End and the port;

c) the City, Westminster, the West End and the East End.

3) The heart of London is the City, its … centre:

a) political and financial;

b) economic and business;

c) financial and business.

4) ….. are situated in the City:

a) numerous banks and firms;

b) hotels and restaurants;

c) factories and clocks.

5) The most striking building is:

a) Buckingham Palace;

b) St. Paul’s Cathedral;

c) Westminster Abbey.

6) Many outstanding statesmen are buried in:

a) Trafalgar Square;

b) Westminster abbey;

c) The Tower of London.

7) The Houses of Parliament is the seat of:

a) Queen;

b) The British Parliament;

c) The Labour Party.

8) The West End is the …… part of London:

a) richest and most beautiful;

b) the poorest;

c) commercial.

9) The tall Nelson’s Column stands in the …. of the square:

a) right-hand part;

b) left-hand part;

c) middle.

10.The East End is densely populated by:

a) ministers;

b) rich people;

c) working class families.

Find the wrong statements and correct them.

1) London is one of the largest cities in the world.

2) London is divided into 7 parts.

3) The heart of London is the City its financial and commercial centre.

4) The Tower of London was founded by Julius Ceasar.

5) The Tower of London was used as a museum.

6) Westminster is the historic, the business part of London.

7) The West End is the richest and most beautiful part of London.

8) Trafalgar Square was named in memory of Admiral Nelson’s defeat in the battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

9) The British museum is the biggest museum in London.

10)There are a lot of factories, workshops, theatres and clubs in the East End.

Translate from Russian into English.

1) Лондон – это политический, экономический и торговый центр Великобритании.

2) Лондон – один из старейших городов мира.

3) Лондон делится на 4 части – Сити, Ист Энд, Вест Энд, Вестминстер.

4) В Сити находится много старинных зданий, Собор Святого Павла среди них.

5) Лондонский Тауэр был основан Юлием Цезарем и перестроен Вильямом Завоевателем.

6) Все английские короли и королевы короновались в Вестминстерском Аббатстве.

7) Букингемский дворец – официальная резиденция королевы.

8) В Вест Энде находятся лучшие дома, магазины, рестораны.

9) В Ист Энде находятся фабрики, мастерские, доки.

10) Богатые люди живут в Вест Энде, а бедные – в Ист Энде.

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