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Translate from Russian into English. 1) Британия – конституционная монархия, но у нее нет единого конституционного документа

1) Британия – конституционная монархия, но у нее нет единого конституционного документа.

2) Королевская власть пожизненная и наследуется прямым потомком по мужской линии.

3) Монарх - носитель исполнительной власти, глава юридической системы.

4) Монарх имеет право назначать премьер-министра, судей, дипломатов, офицеров.

5) Парламент состоит из короля (или Королевы), палаты Лордов и палаты Общин.

6) Высшая палата британского парламента – палата Лордов, а низшая – палата Общин.

7) Кабинет министров концентрирует в своих руках все полномочия для ведения внутренней и внешней политики.

8) Члены кабинета выбираются министром.

9) Правительство несет ответственность перед палатой Общин.

10) Правительство подает в отставку в случае потери доверия.

Speak on the topic: “The State System of Great Britain”.

Read and translate the text B.

Parliament of Great Britain.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a parliamentary monarchy. The Parliament consists of two Houses: The House of Commons having 630 members and the House of Lords with approximately 800 peers.

That party which obtains the majority of seats in the House is called the Government, and the others – the Opposition.

The Prime Minister is usually the leader of the party that has a majority in the House of Commons. All the affairs of the state are conducted in the name of the Queen (or King), but it is the Prime Minister who is the ruler of the country, presiding over the meetings of the Cabinet, which are always secret. The Cabinet consists of the Prime Minister and ministers.

The new House of Commons, has seats for only two-thirds of its 630 members.

Only four members of the House of Commons have reserved seats. One, of course, is the Speaker. Another is the member who has sat in the House for the longest unbroken period, the member who is known as “the Father of the House of Commons.” The other two reserved seats are for the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.

Answer the following questions.

1. What country is the UK?

1. How many Houses does the Parliament consist of?

2. How many members does the House of Commons have?

3. How many peers does the House of Lords consist of?

4. What party is called the Government?

5. The leader of what party is the Prime Minister?

6. Who is the ruler of the country?

7. What does the Cabinet consist of?

8. Who has reserved seats?

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