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Match English and Russian equivalents

1. to solve the problems a. общеобразовательная школа
2. equal opportunities b. качество образования
3. successful applicants c. поступать в аспирантуру
4. comprehensive school d. решать задачи
5. on the basis of e. абитуриенты успешно сдавшие вступительные испытания
6. entrance examinations records f. думать творчески
7. in order to g. результаты вступительных экзаменов
8. essential part h. равные возможности
9. to obtain practical experience i. на основе чего-либо
10 to enter postgraduate courses j. существенная часть
11. to think creatively k. для того чтобы
12. quality of education l. получать практический опыт

Give Russian equivalents to the following English ones.

Higher school system, highly-qualified specialists, basic principle, complete secondary education, correspondent department, to receive scholarship, to attend lectures and practical classes, to be divided into two terms, non-state institutes, tuition, future of the country, free of charge.

Use English equivalents instead of Russian ones.

1. Only (высоко квалифицированные специалисты) can solve the most complex problems facing our society.

2. After finishing (общеобразовательная школа) graduates can go to higher educational institution.

3. One of the necessary qualifications for higher school is (полное среднее образование).

4. (Абитуриенты) at the universities are admitted (на основе результатов вступительных экзаменов), interviews and the scores on the tests.

5. Citizens can get higher education through the full-time, (заочное отделение) or evening departments.

6. The academic year (разделен на два семестра), each ending in examinations.

7. The higher school develops students’ abilities (думать творчески).

8. (Для того, чтобы получить практический опыт) all the students of higher schools have practical training.

9. Every year thousands of graduates (поступать в аспирантуру).

10. (Обучение) in non-state institutes is not free of charge.

11. (Будущее страны) depends on (качество образования) received by its citizens.

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