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Сложное подлежащее (именительный падеж с инфинитивом)

He is said to study at the University. Говорят, что он учится в университете. Books by Conan Doyle are known to have been translated in our country. Известно, что книги Конана Дойля переведены в нашей стране. This case is unlikely to be investigated quickly. Маловероятно, что это дело будет расследовано быстро. He seems to be investigating that complicated case. Кажется, он расследует то сложное дело.

Задание 37. Переведите предложения с Complex Subject:

1. That evidence proved to be very important.

2. Our laws are known to protect the interests of all the people.

3. He was expected to arrive in the morning.

4. That investigator is considered to be an experienced lawyer.

5. The British Constitution is considered to be unwritten because it is not codified as a whole in any particular document.

6. The police officer happened to be present at the crime scene at the moment of the commission of the offence.

7. Criminality is considered to be a social phenomenon.

8. The investigator is expected to solve the crime quickly.

9. The criminal investigation department is considered to be one of the most complicated militia services.

For + NOUN + the infinitive
The Bill was too complicated and intricate for Parliament to approve it after the first reading. Законопроект был слишком сложным и запутанным для того, чтобы Парламент утвердил (одобрил) его в первом чтении.

Задание 38. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на конструкцию “for Phrase”:

1. The matter was too difficult for the solicitor to clarify it within a day.

2. The judge announced the sentence for the paper correspondents to hear him.

3. The matter, examined in court, was too difficult for the jury to reach their verdict unanimously.

4. The policeman let the person go for him not to break the curfew (комендантский час).

5. The judge waited for the policeman to close the door.


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