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Контрольная работа № 1

Контроль освоения дисциплины

Виды и формы контроля

Контроль усвоения студентами курса «Иностранный язык» осуществляется в виде текущего и итогового контроля.

Текущий контроль проводится преподавателем в форме выполнения письменной практики каждым студентом согласно вышеуказанным темам для самостоятельного изучения по основному учебнику (Дудкина Г.А., Павлова М.В. English for businessmen: В 2-х т. - М.: Филоматис, 2007), письменных контрольных работ и тестов.

Варианты контрольных работ

Контрольная работа № 1

I. Translate into English:

1. Наша фирма покупает машины, телефонное оборудование и другие товары в различных странах.

2. Сколько запросов на свои машины вы получили в этом месяце?

3. Товар фирмы Stanley&Co высокого качества и отвечает требованиям заказчика.

4. На прошлой неделе фирма получила несколько заказов.

5. Мы никогда не вели торговлю с фирмой Bell&Co. Они заинтересованы в нашей продукции.

6. Какие деловые вопросы вы обсудили вчера на переговорах?

7. Условия поставки и отгрузки.

8. Господин Смирнов сейчас занят, он говорит по телефону с заказчиками, назначает с ними встречу.

9. Мы заинтересованы в покупке вашей последней модели и хотели бы получить ваши новые предложения.

10. Вы уже изучили контракт фирмы Brown&Co?

11. Еще нет.

12. А когда вы его получили?

13. Я получил его в прошлом месяце.

14. Пусть их представитель ознакомится с нашими новыми предложениями.

1. Our company buys machines, telephone equipment and other products in different countries.

2. How many requests for the machines had you got this month?

3. Goods of company Stanley&Co is goods of high quality and meets customer requirements.

4. Last week, the company received several orders.

5. We never did business with the firm Bell & Co. They are interested in our products.

6. What are the business issues you discussed yesterday on the negotiations?

7. Terms of delivery and shipment.

8. Mr. Smirnov is busy now, he is talking the phone with customers, appoint a meeting with them.

9. We are interested in buying your new model, and would like to take your new offers.

10. Have you already learned a contract firm Brown & Co?

11. Not yet.

12. And when have you got it?

13. I had received it last month.

14. Let their representative will have acquainted with our new offers.

II. Choose and use many/much; (a) few/(a) little:

1. Our company had few orders for that model last year. Our customers were not interested in it.

2. Only few customers have made their payment.

3. I know little about this contract, you should ask somebody else.

4. It does not take much time to send a fax.

5. It is only two o’clock, we have many time to discuss the mater.

III. Supply the correct tenses:

1. Who just send the cable? I can’t find the file with their orders.

2. Our company had received some interesting offers last week.

3. We have been business with them this year.

4. The company always sells goods of high quality.

5. Are they discussing new contract terms now? No, they are not. They already have done it. They study quotations.

6. Let the English businessmen to look through our catalogues.

7. Are our British partners interested in buying new tools?

IV. Supply the correct prepositions where necessary:

1. The other day Rossexport received an enquiry on the motors from Johnson & Sons.

2. They were interested to selling their goods to Johnson & Sons.

3. The goods are of high quality and meet the requirements of the customers.

4. The manager has written some letters by GML lately.

5. We have already discussed their new price and terms to payment.

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