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Контрольная работа № 4. I. Give the English equivalents:

I. Give the English equivalents:

1. договариваться с кем-либо;

2. ассортимент товара;

3. сборочный цех;

4. мощность, производительность;

5. для различного применения;

6. по сравнению с чем-либо;

7. быть надежным в работе;

8. достичь успехов;

9. связаться с кем-либо;

10. коммерческий директор.

1. to negotiate with anyone

2. The range of goods

3. The assembly shop

4. The performance

5. for various applications

6. compared with anything

7. be reliable in operation

8. to succeed

9. contact with anyone

10. Commercial Director

II. Put in the right prepositions, if necessary:

1. How does the new model compare to the previous one?

2. We receive good reports from our customers both in our country and abroad.

3. If you are going to have dinner with me, I can call you to the hotel at 7.30.

4. Will you show our delegation the plant so that we can see the whole range of your finished products?

5. This model in exported to many countries.

6. An international fairs and exhibitions participants can negotiate on the sale and the purchase of different goods.

7. We are proud of the progress made our firm in the field of electronic industry.

8. Mr. Green decided to go to Paris by train and ordered his ticket for the 6 o’clock train.

9. We were impressed with the size and scope of this fair.

10. There was no buffet-car on the train.

III. Supply the correct forms of the verbs:

1. A lot of models are modify by our company every year.

2. Only few contracts has looked through by our manager so far.

3. This exhibition was told about much last month.

4. All the arrangements had made before Mr. Green arrived.

5. The new model will exhibit at the next exhibition.

6. After Mr.Borisov saw the machines in operation, he contacted Mr.Green.

7. I must to state your company to make a lot of progress in this field.

8. We introduced this model into the world market 2 months ago and it became very popular since then.

IV. Translate into English:

1. Об их сотрудничестве много говорилось.

2. Спрос на эту модель растет изо дня в день.

3. Начальника производства спросили, используется ли этот метод в промышленности.

4. В этом году мы собираемся принять участие в специализированной выставке.

5. Когда ваш представитель приедет на наш завод, чтобы посетить производственные цеха?

6. В записке управляющего говорилось, что они уже 2 дня изучают наше предложение, и что они свяжутся с нами, как только решение будет принято.

7. Мы нашли цену наших партнеров вполне приемлемой, т.к. их продукция была усовершенствована.

8. Эта фирма представила свою новую модель на мировой рынок 3 месяца назад, и с тех пор она пользуется большим успехом.

9. Начальник производства еще не вернулся из сборочного цеха, но он просил передать, что придет в 2 часа.

10. Г-н Смирнов позвонил на завод и сказал, что они выезжают в понедельник, и попросил управляющего их встретить.

1. There was much told about their cooperation.

2. The demand for this model is grow day by day.

3. The production manager was asked whether this method in the industry.

4. This year we are going to take part in the specialized exhibition.

5. When your representative will come to our factory to visit the production facilities?

6. The note manager said that they have been already exploring our offer 2 days and that they will contact us as soon as the decision will taken.

7. We found the price of our partners is quite acceptable since their production has been improved.

8. The firm presented its new model in the global market 3 months ago, and since then it has been a great success.

9. The head of production had not yet returned from the assembly plant, but he asked me to convey that he will come in 2 o’clock.

10. Mr. Smirnov has called the factory and said that they would leave on Monday and asked the manager to meet them.

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